If organisations are needing to shift from old ways of organising, leading and working, the biggest opportunity for People teams is to become an external and internal beacon for this future - 'walking the talk' of design, practices, behaviours & culture.


Unless you happen to be part of a 30-man startup in Shoreditch or a West Coast technology unicorn, the words 'digital' or 'data driven' probably wouldn't be the first words that spring to mind when describing the practices & capabilities of your People function.

It's time for HR to change.

People teams need to accelerate their organisation's investment in more distinguishing, smarter and more social experiences in attracting, engaging & developing talent. At the same time they need to rethink and start redesigning their own future remit around the functionally disruptive potential of technologically empowered people & workplaces, on demand 'as a service' and marketplace platforms, and machine learning & natural language tools.

By developing and integrating human science, culture, organisational change and business knowledge into new digital ways of working, we believe that People teams are uniquely placed to release new sources of organisational performance if open and willing to challenge their traditional remit and ways of working and peer held beliefs and assumptions! This digital leadership opportunity includes:

• enabling smarter, more agile networked workforce & talent models
• augmenting human workforce knowledge & decision making
• embedding engagement, behavioural and change practices into day to day ways of working
• releasing the organisation's learning, collaboration and innovation potential

Such a transformation journey will bring about much change. The associated People leadership mindset will be one of self-discovery & learning, being comfortable with periods of uncertainty, ambiguity and experimentation. Their capability & operating model transition will require them to call upon & dig deep into human and change expertise whilst equipping themselves with new technology and data skills. They will need to start to lead their digital organisations by example - doing first unto themselves what they will come to rely on as their future organisational value to others.


For too many years the definition of ‘good’ HR was to follow ‘best practice’. In a world where People teams are helping to define the future agenda and ways of working of organisations the People mindset needs to shift to thinking about what 'best organisations' would do!

Now as technology drives an ever increasing need for speed and agility, and traditional organisational boundaries begin to break down, the static frameworks of ‘best practice’ are proving unreliable.

The workplace is not just transforming; it is positively metamorphosing under the impact of social, political and economic shifts. Business is about brand and trust, no longer just a product. Our people demand constant communication, individualised feedback and a values-fit. Talent is multi-generational, diverse and on the move. Knowledge is intangible and multi-sourced. While performance is increasingly networked, peer-based and multi-dimensional.

In this new complex workplace one size no longer fits all. The heavy, documented processes of succession pipelines, annual performance appraisals and managed career pathways are already out of date. Our people and their leaders need flexible, lean, real time solutions. They also want to be a part of the conversation and co-create.

Agile People offers a new way to do, think and be HR.

Drawing on the software development mindset and Agile work practices driving much of our new digitalised world, Agile People moves beyond HR ‘best practice’ to deliver real time people solutions unique to your organisation (and the problems you face). Rather than blue printing and implementing a new system already predetermined at tender stage, Agile People offers a way to continually deliver value through low risk experimentation, adaptive learning, data science and small step iteration. At its core are multi-skilled, cross-functional and self-organising teams closely collaborating to solve complex problems and execute rapid responses to people and business needs. Designed to delight your people by listening closely to employee voice, Agile People re-establishes you as the credible, strategic partner by applying scientific rigour and an evidence-based approach.

If People Teams want to lead the Agile, resilient and innovative organisations of the future, then it is essential for People Teams to become Agile, resilient and innovative themselves.