It's time for leadership teams to collectively rethink how work & the 'workplace' should appeal to a multi generational set of attitudes and motivations; how work should become more collaborative in nature, more transparent in its management and more engaging in its day to day activity.

At its core lies a simplified, more agile & open operating model: one with fewer hierarchical boundaries & silo'ed perspectives and that encourages a culture of participation, collaboration and innovation: an environment where planning, resource allocation, compliance & performance management practices are better aligned to a faster changing world.

Organisations are at last waking up to the cultural & performance limitations of traditional work design & management practice and are embracing new ways of leading and managing work to get more of the right things done faster, smarter and with passion.

The future of work is already here - so run with it.

Yin Yang helps create work experiences that stimulate world class talent and performance. We help organisations realise performance and cultural outcomes by redesigning work practices & operating models to be highly engaging and adaptive to change.

New Ways Of Working

New Ways Of Working
- Education

Workplace & Team Performance Diagnostic

Shared Purpose Design

New Ways of Working
- Design, Experimentation & Scaling

For too long, organisations have clung to the same basic formula for organising & managing work - a formula that is increasingly at odds with today's human performance knowledge, the evidence of productivity trends and our own instinct.

As global disruption & talent demographics play out, organisations will increasingly be defined by how they harness human creativity and adapt quicker than others. There is a fast-burning platform for introducing work design and management practices that are much better aligned to this 'new normal' context.

In a more volatile and uncertain era, collaboration, innovation and change become constants not just for technologists but also for the marketing, product, operations, HR and finance teams that need to work together to create a speedy, synchronised 'whole system' response.

Organisations need to find more human-centric and agile ways of working and managing. From the introduction of participation and transparency management tools to more agile, self-managed and collaborative organising practices, this work practice evolution can start anywhere and by anyone - one small change at a time.

Yin Yang helps introduce new ways of designing and managing work. We help leaders at all levels create a more engaged workforce and a culture of performance built upon common purpose, distributed authority and continuous learning & evolution.

Work Hackathons

OpenUp (Collective Workplace Effectiveness Forum)

Participative Work Design

Meeting Effectiveness

Culture Mapping


Too many organisations suffer from workplace policies, poorly designed systems and 'that's how it's done around here' practices that restrict their effectiveness.

Complex workflows, bureaucratic hurdles, laboured decision making and outmoded policies all conspire to create organisational friction that frustrate the endeavours of workforce, customers and partners. There's a disconnect between the need for pace, simplification and agility and the low frequency/impact exceptions or control intent that spawns such practices. A compliance, laissez-faire or 'its someone else's job' culture sets in and puts an implicit organisational brake on engagement, innovation and performance.

Many organisations struggle to break this cycle. They rarely find the time to to look outside-in, think unconstrained or as a whole system - but through the repetition of 'stupid' questions such as 'Why do we do it this way?' and 'What's stopping us from doing this better?', organisations can unlock significant sources of fresh inspiration and organisational performance.

Yin Yang helps create more effective organisations. We remove performance barriers by stimulating collective conversations, challenging orthodoxy and proving through experiments how things could & should really work around here!


Complexity Diagnosis

Culture Mapping

Search For Simplicity (Whole System Collaborative Design)


An intrinsic defect in bureaucratic organisation design is its tendency to add complexity and restrict speed of adaptation as it scales. In a more volatile and uncertain era this can be a catastrophic flaw.

As organisations seek growth through leveraging existing capabilities and customer relationships along side the innovation in new channels and ventures, they add more dimensions to the business and increase the pressures on a management system that was never originally architected for multi dimensional decision making and performance attribution.

At the operating level, the relationship between position or span of control and power and a 'fear of failure' combine to create a 'fortress' mindset. The more budget or people you have, the more things being worked on by your team, the more products you design - the greater your 'contribution' to scale and your corresponding status. The incentive is to add things - not share or subtract.

This vicious cycle of adding to a system without the corresponding discipline or incentive to share or kill is temporarily reset by a periodic 'transformation'. But organisational growth and performance isn't binary - one day it's simple and great and the next day it sucks - so why is it so often managed this way?

Yin Yang helps organisations strip out complexity and create lean cultures. We combine performance diagnosis with whole system collaborative design techniques to create breakthrough changes in organisational structure, operating model, portfolios and behaviours.